The 8 Great Gins of London Gin Club

London Gin Club menu

After hearing about the London Gin Club and accepting their gin tasting offer I had been waiting weeks and patiently for the evening to start.

Julia Forte London Gin Club

Julia Forte (above) who helped to create this wonderful event had designed a menu for us to sample.

With eight different gins to sample with tonic ahead of me I was well starched up and eight different flavours to be enjoyed. I could not wait and learn about some of Julias knowledge. So we headed to her gin house The Star at Night on 22 Great Chapel Street, Soho and finally starting to treat ourselves while suffering from immense clamminess.

bloom gin and tonic

We greeted and kicked off with the Bloom gin. This was light refreshing and cooling. It felt like a lemonade my mum used to make me when I was a child. It had a real freshness of the citrus, light and was working a treat on cooling me down.  The strawberry garnish provided a real sweet refreshing contrast to the lemon zest. This gin was well accepted by all attendees.

hendrick's gin and tonic

The second sample was the Hendrick’s gin. Now I am a fan of the Hendrick’s gin and this was garnished with dried rose petals. The cucumber running through the gin pushes through the botanical effects and the rose petals has lightly sweetened the gin and finishes with uplifting energy. The next time I get a Hendrick’s I am going to ask if they have dried rose petals to add!

carounn gin and tonic

So I’ve experience the refreshing and sweetened but fresh gin and tonic and next up was Carounn. This was garnished with a slice of apple and celery. This gin punched through with earthy flavours and had a generous spice ending. I thought of a spiced gazpacho. The chilled spices completed the cool celery and the acids of the apple. Wow my palate was being put it through its paces.

gilpins gin and tonic

Next up was the Gilpin’s gin and this was garnished with lemon and sage. Sage! Yes this is what I love with a pork chop and it compliments the gin. This was a savoury gin and the lemon provides a refreshing melt on the mouth and the sage pushes and hurries the coriander. Sipping this was making me think a lot! My palate was shouting chill out. It was enjoyable and I needed to rest, hydrate and get some fresh air and enjoy the rare London heat.

no.3 gin and tonic

My colleague was determined not to get too excited as his favourite gin is the No.3 gin and wanted to go through his notes ensuring me that I will never be disappointed with this gin. Now from the tasting I know I never will and even though I’ve made cocktails and sipped this it was a great choice to re-start with. The juniper berries land on your tongue immediately and a lime citrus that zests its way through and sits and finishes with slight spice of coriander. This is a great refreshing gin and tonic and the citrus flavours are intense. The olive garnishes balances the citrus boom.

sacred gin and tonic

Next up was the distillers from Highgate and the Sacred gin was garnished with a pink grapefruit and rosemary. The rosemary was helping to release the nutmeg spice and then in return finishes off with a relaxed citrus melt. The more I had of this infusion the more citrus notes were prevailing.

tanqueray rangpur gin and tonic

The Tanqueray Rangpur arrived garnished with an olive and a basil leaf. Now this basil is releasing the spice and then it’s quickly covered with deep citrus flavours. The citrus notes carry on throughout and periodically the basil returns. The olive perfectly balances your palate at the end.

tanqueary 10 gin and tonic

The final gin and tonic I was treated too was the Tanqueray 10. This was served with watercress and a small segment of orange. This gin was smooth and the watercress was providing a reliable palate cleanser and the orange peel was leaving you with a citrus zing on your tongue. Ooh that was clean on the front of the tongue and you are left with a citrus zing on the back of your tongue leaving you to ask for more.

The Star at Night has an impressive range of gin available. The staff with their impeccable knowledge of each gin will welcome you and come and experience a great gin and tonic and you will not be disappointed. The balloon glasses allow you to release the aroma of every gin and plenty of space of ice to leave you with a chilled delight.

See you at the next The London Gin Club event.



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